Given the opportunity, most people would jump at the chance to own a classic car—one of the old roadsters or a racing coupe that dominated road races back in the day. There are a few things that stop the average car guy from buying one of these cars with availability and price heading the list of obstacles. There just aren't that many of the old beauties still on the road and the ones that are cost more than most people can afford to pay—but Factory Five Racing changes that.

A solution to this problem can be found in purchasing a kiat car. A kit car comes as a set of parts that can be assembled into a working replica of one of their old favorites. A leading manufacturer of kit cars in the United States is Factory Five Racing. For over 20 years, they've helped people get the cars of their dreams. And they do it with the individual customer in mind.

Who Is Factory Five Racing?

Founded in 1995, they have gone from being a small, single-garage car shop to being the world's leading manufacturer of kit cars (component car kits). Their success is attributed to a close working relationship with their customers, realizing that they are the ones who put the final product—with the company's name attached—on the road.

Factory Five Racing employs around 40 crew members and the Wareham, Massachusetts company now boasts a corporate headquarters and manufacturing area of some 62,000 square feet. This customer-committed crew creates high-performance do-it-yourself car kits that make the cost of owning one of their "classics" reasonable for more people. The combination of cutting-edge technology and a skilled and committed staff produces cars that deliver on performance and safety as well as great looks.

The People

The Tools

The Process

Factory Five's ordering process, like the rest of the company, is designed to be customer-friendly. There are several ways to order, and all of your questions will be answered along the way by their professional staff. Your car will be designed and shipped just the way you want it.

After your order has been received, they will send you all paperwork concerning the financial end of the transaction along with some helpful documents that will lead you through the process. Between order point and your actual production date, a support employee will call to go over your order. Engineers review your order and make sure it's accurate and makes sense before production is started.

When the production date approaches, a support team member calls to complete the financial transaction and to arrange a pickup or delivery schedule that works for the customer. With thousands of these transactions completed for over 20 years, they know what they're doing, and you'll have peace of mind that things will go as planned.

Some Popular Car Kits

With over 20 years in the business and thousands of satisfied customers, Factory Five Racing sets the bar for the component car kit industry. Whether you're in the market for a classic roadster, coupe or an all-out race car, they have kits that will make your dreams come true.

1. The Mk4 Roadster

This is the world's best-selling, best-engineered, and best-performing replica of all time. Based on the legendary 427 Cobra, this kit keeps the classic looks while improving performance, reliability, and comfort using innovative technology. It's easy to build and drive, and the performance rivals that of a modern roadster and surpasses the original. It makes a statement on the road, and you'll receive plenty of attention as you drive this "classic."

2. The 289 USRRC Roadster

The Factory Five Mk4 289 USRRC Roadster is a unique car based on the Mk4 with some small but meaningful differences. Referred to by the company as a "gentleman's racer," it's smaller and more precise than its Mk4 cousin. It's based on the famed CSX 2260 #14 race car. This car features nice fender flares and a great racing stance. Factory Five Racing began producing this model in 2014, 50 years after the first original was manufactured.

3. The All-New Gen 3 Coupe

The All-New Gen 3 Factory Five Daytona Coupe replica is a third-generation car that has been completely redesigned. With improved performance and more cockpit space came an all-new chassis that is more aerodynamic. Taking suggestions from actual customers, the car was track-tested and carefully developed to incorporate the changes, and the results are sure to please.

4. The '33 Hot Rod

The challenge of overcoming the performance issues associated with the old hot rods finally got to the design team at Factory Five Racing, so they took up the mantle. Making a classic-looking but comfortable and high-performing '33 hot rod was something that hadn't been pulled off yet.

Staying as traditional as possible while keeping performance and drivability up to modern standards was the goal, and their edition of this classic comes through. In the short time the car has been available, it has received numerous awards and recognition, and has coupled the words "performance" and "hot rod" in a way that wasn't thought possible.

5. The GTM Supercar

For 20 years, Factory Five Racing created the best replicas in the world. But company leaders had the desire to make an original design. Knowing the risks associated with small companies who've tried to produce their own cars in the past, they carefully set about realizing their vision by designing the GTM over the course of five years. The GTM is now the company's flagship supercar and shows off their technological capabilities. It is a marvel of design, stunningly beautiful and capable of hanging with the fastest supercars in the world.

5 Things You Don't Know about Factory Five Racing

1. The Company Offers Tours of Their Facility

2. The Entire Process Is “Made in the USA”

3. They Use Industry-Leading Technology

4. They Believe in Community

5. They Host Their Own Car-Building School


If you're a car guy or gal interested in a replica of a classic roadster, coupe or hot rod, or maybe even a supercar, you need to check out the work being done at Factory Five Racing. Using the latest technology available, their designs and craftsmanship make them a leader in a technology-based industry.

A true American success story, Factory Five Racing "gets it" and the result is high-quality products available at reasonable prices that make other people's dreams come true. It doesn't get much more American than that!

Featured Photo by Alex Suprun on Unsplash

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