Healthcare goes hand-in-hand with technology.

While that typically refers to new advancements in equipment or research, it can also mean automation.

Many companies are currently integrating the latest technological advancements into the field of medicine, and one of the frontrunners for automation in healthcare is Automated Healthcare Solutions (AHCS).

Automated Systems and Efficient Technology

AHCS is the leading provider of technology-enabled dispensing solutions for any physicians that serve workers’ compensation patients or those covered by personal injury protection insurance.

Automated healthcare systems efficiency

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To reach that mark, they employ one of the most advanced technologies around.

The company uses a special platform that expertly combines inventory management, automated claims management, and customer relationship management into one area. That smooths out the process and allows AHCS to keep its information in one single space.

Such technology also allows the company to apply new knowledge and scale up the business accordingly. This solution fits right into natural workflow, and the system can be easily implemented into any workspace.

The Benefits of a Reliable System

AHCS is incredibly efficient because it works with a rules-based claims engine that is built from 12 years of workers’ compensation data, payment rules for over 70,000 payors, and many different state-specific rules and guidelines.

Not only does the system store data, it also works to identify errors or emissions in any submitted claims. From there, it can pull requested information from practice management systems or prompt the ordering clinic to appropriately correct the claim form.

After the claim has been process or repaired, the form goes through the either the company’s automated print or electronic fulfillment system for final payment. Everything about the process is fully automated, which cuts down on the work it takes to upkeep or use.

The system continually updates to reflect any changes in payor protocols or state-specific rules.

In addition, there is no manual upkeep. No other billing platform works quite in this way, putting ACHS ahead of other healthcare automation companies.

The Mechanisms Behind ezDispense

AHCS is one of the best healthcare automation companies because their system is built on a range of advanced features.

Two main pillars are ezDispense, which helps distribute medicine, and ezVerify, which helps with identification. Each of these programs are key to the entire system and help everything run smoothly.

The first program, ezDispense, provides medicine while also electronically tracking pedigree papers, lot numbers, and expiration dates. It uses the NDC# to keep pricing reasonable and then identifies the location, physician, dispenser, cost, profit and date of all medications dispensed.

Easy Identification with ezVerify

On the other hand, ezVerify focuses on the easy verification of insurance benefits. The program uses software that helps identify a person using only their date of birth, insurance identification card, and group number.

Such transactions are extremely quick (no more than six seconds long) and provide the practice with specific benefit verification. All the receptionist needs to do is swipe a patient’s government issued id card or driver’s license. It’s as easy as that.

One of the Most Convenient Automated Systems Around

One of the biggest reasons the AHCS system is so effective is because of how convenient it is to use.


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The program makes it so that patients easily receive their medications and test results right in the office. Not only that, but the user-friendly programs can be used in less than 60 seconds per patient. That saves a lot of time and keeps the workplace flowing in a natural way.

Another benefit of the system is that, by dispensing medication onsite, patients no longer need to make trips to the pharmacy. In that way, AHCS helps both patients and physicians cut time and costs. The technology is all about care and convenience, and it achieves both extremely well.

Though some people worry about automation in health care, you are never on your own with AHCS. The company offers onsite support to help, which not only integrates the system, but it makes sure it runs smoothly at all times. Each branch comes with a devoted account manager that will be there to answer questions and fix any issues that should arise.

A Great Way to Dispense Medicine

Automated Healthcare Solutions provides great tools that make life easier for patients and physicians alike. They are one of the best healthcare automation companies on the market, and their ezVerify and ezDispense systems are a large reason why.

Each program makes medicine more convenient and cost effective for patients, while they cut down on time and complex billing cycles for the staff.

Automation in health care can be tricky.

If you want to create a truly reliable and quick process, you need to have a strong platform to build on. AHCS has that system.

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