Did you know that there are companies that will send out massive amounts of mail on your behalf? While it may be inconvenient for people to receive constant pieces of mail advertising services, offering credit cards, and selling any number of unwanted products, it is very clear that at least someone is responding to these mailings.

Mail remains an effective way to advertise products, but many companies don’t necessarily have the capacity to mail out massive amounts of stationary. That is where automated mailing service companies come in. All a company has to do is provide them with a digital list of addresses, a rubric of what exactly they want to be mailed out, and the appropriate fees, and the company will take care of the rest.

Exactly What Services Do these Companies Perform?

Of course, there is more to it than the previous paragraph suggests. Presenting a case study of a particular company may be illuminating, as it will allow you to see the inner workings of what exactly happens with these sorts of companies. Take Automated Mail Service in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which is a Better Business Bureau accredited business.

One benefit of using Automated Mail Service is that they will build databases for their clients. Clients need only provide the company with lists of addresses that they need to send mailings to, and the company will build a database for the client that includes this data. The company also updates databases at the client’s request and records which mailings are returned, allowing entries to be removed in an efficient manner.

Even if a client does not have mailing lists to provide to the company, Automated Mail Services can generate mailing lists for their clients based on their needs. Whether they are mailing only to local residents or to all businesses in the state, Automated Mail Services can generate and manage your mailing list.

The company also offers a presort service. Presorting sorts the mail on behalf of the USPS. The public mail service sorts all mail according to destination, but presorting allows the company to deliver the mail to the post office already sorted. This is important because Automated Mail Service is certified by USPS as a mail commingler. Commingling is done by automated mail processing machines that sort mail according to their destination based on their bar code. Delivering mail that is already commingled allows post offices to offer discounts on postage. These savings are passed on to the company’s clients.

And finally, the company provides its automated direct mail service, sending the mail you ordered to the post office on your behalf. There is no need to pick it up yourself. The company instead delivers the entirety of the bulk mail to the USPS for shipment.

That Is Not the End of What These Companies Can Do

Some companies offer clients digital command centers that allow them to generate mass mailings with ease. These command centers allow clients to quickly select from mailing list databases who they want to mail to and what exactly should be mailed. The command centers can also integrate file management so that the client can provide the company with a digital copy of what is to be mailed. The company then prints the copy on the client’s behalf and handles the mailing process for them.

These programs even allow clients to set up contingent mailings that occur based on particular events. For example, the command center may be programmed to automatically send advertising in the mail to a customer who purchased a service from the client three months after the transaction happened. The goal here, of course, is for the client to hopefully get their customer to buy something again. These sorts of automated mailing services help businesses generate additional revenue by identifying who is likely to buy and sending marketing materials to them.

Some companies offer clients access to data about addresses, as well as logistics tools that allow them to run tests on available data. Such data can be helpful to clients to assist them in figuring out which addresses are likely to be fruitful and which ones are not.

Some digital command centers even allow for digital postcard design programs that allow clients to generate custom made post cards to be mailed out to potential customers. This allows companies to easily send mail that has their logos and other branding information. They can also send very personalized mailings to select individuals. Adding a personal touch can go a long way to convince people to become repeat customers.

Some also provide USPS tracking data to their clients, allowing them to see which mailings successfully arrived at their destination and how long it took for them to do so. Tracking numbers can also help see which mailings didn’t make it to their destination.

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