Millions of players across the globe play World of Warcraft (WoW), an extremely popular, massive multiplayer online role playing computer game (MMORPG). In WoW, players build characters, go on adventures, earn new gear and items, and level up their characters. While a novice might enjoy merely putting together appealing outfits for their characters, dedicated players know that the gear, items, and the combination with which they use them can have an extreme impact on the game. Enter, Ask Mr. Robot.

What Is Ask Mr. Robot?

Ask Mr. Robot is an addon for the Twitch App. The Twitch App is a favorite piece of computer software for gamers that, in addition to being a streaming platform, allows users to customize the look and feel of their computer games with addons (add-ons) and mods (modifications). Ask Mr. Robot is one of those addons and is popular among serious WoW players.


The addon is a data-junkie's dream. When a player imports his or her character information into the the website with the help of the addon, Ask Mr. Robot helps inform and guide players' gear decisions within the game. There are
a number of features that allow the addon to do this.




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Is There A Need For Ask Mr. Robot?

There is absolutely a need for addons like Ask Mr. Robot.  Many WoW players are smart, high achievers who are devoted to their craft and advancing their skills. They collect themselves into Guilds and develop communities within WoW to propel each other forward as well as advance their own characters and in-game achievements. They meet regularly to raid at increasingly higher levels with aims of team achievement, but also with hopes of being the top contributor on their team. It is vitally important that players are at the top of their game and contributing to the best of their abilities.

Who Is It For?

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How To Get Started With Ask Mr. Robot

If you are interested in using Ask Mr. Robot, you're in luck - it's a fairly simple process. This is an addon to the WoW game, so if you don't already have a WoW account, that's where you will need to start .


For those of you who already have a WoW account, the best way to use Ask Mr. Robot is via the Twitch Desktop App. You will see the Ask Mr. Robot (AMR) addon as an option to download and install.


For the technically savvy and Twitch-adverse, you also have the option to download the addon manually. If you'd like to do that, you can download the file from their website (link:, extract the contents to your Interface/Addons, and restart WoW.


Once you have your character in WoW and your AMR addon installed, you're ready to optimize your character! The addonis constantly updated, so check their blog or YouTube channel for the most recent tutorials. Please note that this is a resource primarily for people who are deep into the game and already have lots of gear or items that can be paired in different combinations. If you are just starting out, you may want to earn some items before trying the tool.


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So, is there value in addons like Ask Mr. Robot? Absolutely.


Ask Mr. Robot is able to take the guesswork out of gear optimization, which is a huge component of excelling as a WoW player. As we saw with the Best in Bags feature, the algorithm is still learning how to account for preferences, but in terms of pure stats, it's probably better than your average player - or even your above average player.


There is a movement in the world in general to only do what can't be outsourced to a robot. That's why we have Alexa, slow cookers, Roombas, and smartphones. This is no different. Players outsource the grunt work of gear rating and data tracking, and as a result, they're able to focus on the components that a robot can't do. They can analyze the data and suggestions presented by the algorithms, and make decisions that fit their preferences and gameplay style. They can devote themselves to developing their skills as an individual and as a team.


Skill development can never be outsourced. To be excellent at anything will always take hard work and dedication. However, there's futility in working hard while using your tools ineffectively, which is why Ask Mr. Robot is a tremendous asset to WoW players serious about taking their game to the next level.

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